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In our years of research and practice, the most common offence is driving under the influence. The offence of driving while being intoxicated can lead to serious consequences if not dealt with at the right time.

While it’s not illicit for you to drink a cold one or two with your evening meal and then cautiously drive home; having a beverage with your supper or lunch does not so much imply that you are smashed to the point of being impeded. Anyhow, on the off chance that you end up in the back of a cop car and are being pulled away to prison for a DUI offense, never fear an accomplished DUI attorney Toronto delegate who will fight down for you to get you the result you require.

We have been know for practicing criminal law for the past decade and we solely focus on cases related to DUI and impaired driving. We try to learn to new ways on a regular basis to serve our clients better and make them satisfied with our services. We remain committed to all our clients while following the laws and constitution fully to the modern practice of law.

You may be embarrassed, shocked, depressed and to some extend intimidated if it’s your first DUI offence. You will have lots of questions in your mind such as what should I do or who should I contact or how much money will it cost me or will I be able to drive again.   You may be tempted to handle your own matter due to the embarrassment but chances are you will end up paying high fine or even sentenced to jail.

We understand each drivers concern and we work in every step hand in hand to ensure your safety and well being. Don’t be hesitant and call us immediately to receive your free consultation and you won’t be disappointed. Call us today and freedom will be on its way.

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